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Views of the farm


Stone Ridge Farm is a small family farm in New York's Hudson Valley.  We produce fruits and vegetables, poultry and eggs.  For family use, we also raise beef, pork and lamb.

We keep a mixed flock of hens that incudes Barred Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds and their crosses. They live cage free and have constant outdoor acesss.

Keeping a rooster or two guarantees fertile eggs for hatching.

The eggs our hens produce are more flavorful, with firmer, richer yellow yolks and stronger shells than grocery store eggs.

Hardy northern short tail sheep, living comfortably in the woods.

Abby is the perfect family milk cow:  half Jersey, half Dexter.

And she gives us beaufiful babies each year.  This one was sired by a neighbor's Angus bull.

American Forest Hogs (Guinea Hogs) are a hardy American breed, easy to manage in the woods. 

Raised garden beds eagerly awaiting Spring.

Garden vegetables, fruit trees, berries.  The farmer and his family are eagerly waiting, too.

Bees, initially for pollination, I'm now hoping for a good honey harvest in the Fall. 

Wild raspberries growing in the woods.  Click on the photo to see more views of the farm.

Indian pipes growing in the woods.  Click on the photo to see more views of the farm.

                                                    Contact us:  InTheWoods@StoneRidgeFarm.com